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Vanguard awards

Erelu Dosunmu : A voice for the recognition of indigenous Lagosians

HRH Erelu (Dr.) Chevalier Abiola Dosunmu needs very little introduction, especially in Nigeria’s social circles. Her stylish, brilliant white attires and the famous title, Erelu Kuti of Lagos, speaks volumes of her pedigree and status as top notch crème de la crème of the Lagos ruling class and social circles. Many simply describe her as a socialite. But there is quite more to this woman of high breed and integrity personified which has earned her a place in the prestigious roll call of the Vanguard Personality of the Year Awards 2018 in the Lifetime Achievement category.

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Chief Mrs Fowler: The silent achiever

FOR Chief (Mrs) Leila Fowler, it is true that the roots of true achievement lie in the will to become the best that you can become. Many people may know her as an educationist who owns private educational institutions like many others. Vanguard, however, looked beyond her establishment of educational institutions to select her for the Personality Of the Year Award. The choice of this silent achiever that can be best described as a virtuous woman, is best explained in the Bible book of Proverbs 31:29, which states that “many women have done excellently, but you surpass them all.”

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Lt General Alani Akinrinade: In celebration of a soldier-activist

IF it is possible one could conveniently describe General Julius Alani Ipoola Akinrinade as a soldier by birth and inclination, to borrow the words of Nigeria’s literary icon, Professor Wole Soyinka. But no one is born a soldier; you become a soldier either by voluntary enlistment or conscription. For Akinrinade, the former was the case. But he certainly was no ordinary, run of the mill soldier; he was a soldier who saw a lot of combat action and lived to tell the scary tales of it all.

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Tony Elumelu : Leveraging resources of Africa for Africa’s development

He has championed the African emergent entrepreneurship and private sector-led economic development for the continent of Africa. This has given hope to intra-African trade and economic integration which had been lacking before now and which had been the bane of the region’s economy and the clog in its wheel of progress.

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