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How DCP, 7 others died as Shi’ites protest turns bloody in Abuja

Clashes between the police and the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, IMN, (a.k.a Shi’ites)  yesterday,  assumed a dangerous dimension, claiming the lives of a Deputy Commissioner of Police, DCP, and no fewer than six members of the group. Three police officers are said to be in critical condition following a bloody clash between the Islamic sect and security forces, yesterday in Abuja, the nation’s capital.

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Build a child, you build a nation — Abdulsalam

In a season many are talking politics, promising the electorate heaven on earth if voted to power in 2015, one individual, a mother, a professional and an avowed believer in the possibility of changing the world by educating the child remains unyielding in her chosen pastime. Mrs Rali Abdulsalam, a business analyst/accountant with over 14 years of varied work experience in oil and gas sector has a pet project – Kiddies Talent Hunt TV Reality show, which she started in 2013.

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Bumpy but super hot

During one of her stage performances as she sang to the admiration of her audience, she uttered between dance steps how much she wanted her listeners to “feel this love that is growing inside of me”. She abruptly stopped the music, dropped her microphone on the stage and went on to thoroughly massage her growing bump. I was completely mesmerized and taken over when I realized that this was how Beyonce wished to announce unashamedly to everyone that she was pregnant for her hubby Jay Z.

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Adoption: Pros and Cons

Adoption is to take someone else’s child into your home and legally become her parent.

Adoptive parenting ought to be a privilege and not a sacrilege, and treating your God-sent child rightly includes being transparent and open about matters of her existence. It is needless sacrificing your loving relationship with your child on the altar of falsehood and secrecy. Be open and ready to answer her questions, no matter how mind-boggling they sound. Do not shut him out. You need to settle your uneasiness about adoption before talking to your child about it.

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Nurture And Mould,But Respect The Child

Respect is when you regard someone as important and you are careful not to harm or treat him rudely. Children are born with senses and abilities albeit directionless. No one teaches a baby her behavioral patterns or helps a child attain the various milestones of development. Toddlers do not watch wrestling to acquire innate abilities to challenge their siblings to routine contests and fights where punches, bites and kicks come in handy as inherent defense mechanisms. “A 3-year-old toddler’s brain is twice as active as an adult’s brain”, says family science specialist Sean Brotherson.

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Epidural… a better plan B?

Lara, a pregnant lady, was due in a couple of weeks and had asked her doctor for an epidural and she heard a stunning reply from him:“What is that, who told you about epidural?”. She responded that she learnt about it abroad. That was when the doctor realised he was talking to a knowledgeable person. And the doctor just spilled: “We don’t have that here, please”.

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