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Sale of National Assets Debate

Which national assets are for sale?

THAT the country is in recession and the economic crisis in which we’ve found ourselves is biting hard is now old news. Yes, we are in recession and Nigerians are presently preoccupied with finding solutions to our economic troubles.

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Nigeria: Sale of assets as dangerous policy myopia? (2) by Chukwuma Charles Soludo

NOW we have started to make some progress with so-called ‘flexible exchange rate’ but still combined with a black list of 41 items ineligible for forex as well as other crude controls, and the consequent huge parallel market premia that is one of the highest in the world. The parallel market exchange rate has now become a very important leading indicator in the economy.

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Letter to my countrymen: Averting an economic meltdown via the right type of asset sales

IN my previous capacity as the Chairman of the Technical Committee of the National Council on Privatisation up until May 2015, I canvassed for the privatisation of the power sector, sale of NITEL and pushed for the sale of the refineries and the passage of the transport reform bills before time ran out on the last administration.

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