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Airline operators lose millions of Naira to presidential movements

Many times passengers on inbound flights to Lagos, Abuja and major cities that sometimes play host to Mr President are told by the pilots that in another five minutes the plane will begin descent to the city to land, only to be informed minutes later that they have to hover round the airports and stay longer in the sky as there is “presidential passenger or movement”.

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Marital Infidelity: Why women have joined the men

Nigerian women are the most unfaithful in the world! This is the conclusion arrived at by Durex in a survey it conducted on women across the world. The survey had interviewed 29,000 women across 36 countries of the world, including Nigerians to arrive at this. According to the report, Nigerian women scored a total of 62% to beat 35 other countries to the first position.

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The Igbo giant strides against all odds

Nearly fifty years ago, it is said that people in Enugu, Nsukka, Ngwo, and Abakaliki had little clothes to cover themselves. In 1947, the District Officer prohibited nude people coming to the Ogbete Market in Enugu. Yet, in 20 short years the Igbo were the number one traders in textile. The Onitsha Market was brimming with it. People came to buy from all over Nigeria. In Broad Street, the only competitors in textile trade were those we called Syrians – who were probably Lebanese.

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