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Is it right to marry a pregnant woman?

Ngozi, an unmarried teenage mother had her first baby three years ago. To her dismay today, she is pregnant for her second baby. How could this have happened and how is she going to cope? The single mother remembered the heart break, severe pains and agony that trailed her first pregnancy following the refusal of her boyfriend, Charles, to accept responsibility of the child.

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Will you tell your friend his wife is dating your boss?

The coolness of the office as Frank entered his boss’s palatial reception was a welcome development.
He had suffered the heat of the afternoon sun to get drinks and snacks from a nearby eatery for Mr. Bruno’s (his boss)‘new catch’. The secretary was not on seat as she had been sent home earlier to make room for this ‘new catch’. It was the ways of Mr. Bruno as he would say, ‘I don’t want no old babe sniffing around’

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