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Can you kill for love?

Lanre loves Janet and could walk to the end of the earth to prove it, but his greatest weakness which over the years threatened his love affairs with Janet is his anger. On several occasions his jealousy has resulted in bloody fights with Janet. And such times, Janet has threatened to walk away from the relationship rather than lose her life.

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Is absence of elites kids’ in Nigerian schools, bane of our education system?

Nigerian educational system, since the military rule, has been declining. This was not so during colonialism, the First Republic  and when missionaries held sway in  the system. Then,   Nigerians, including their elites, educated  their children at home. Even those who studied abroad returned home for employment. However, with the collapse of the system,  a lot
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Can you let cell phone palaver destroy your home?

Heaven was almost let loose recently in the home of the Bensons. This was because Mr Benson had gone out to have fun with one of his girlfriends. The two enjoyed themselves but Ben did not warn his girlfriend not to call him or send him text messages. Unfortunately, he forgot his phone in his car when he got home. Too tired that night, his wife decided to go pick up their guest from the airport with the same car.

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Can social status bar true love?

From time, all societies pay allegiance to hierarchy among their members. There are leaders and followers, elite class and the poor class, urban and rural dwellers, the strong and the weak, rich and poor, servants and masters. The world is full of opposites.

In every society, social status has continued to remain a major barrier to love. It is common to hear people say their children won’t marry a particular person because he doesn’t belong to their class. Several marriages and other relationships have equally failed because of differences in education, socialisation, religion, race, ethnicity, or income.

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