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No condition is permanent

The loneliness of a man out of political power was conveyed to your correspondent some three years or so years ago at the sight of His Excellency, Victor Attah, the immediate past governor of Akwa Ibom State carrying a plate to serve himself in one of the restaurants of the Hilton Hotel in Abuja . Without the hangers on that just two or so years ago looked up to him like a god, His Excellency, was his cool self, natural and jovial as he exchanged banters with a few who recognised him.

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So who cares?

The settlement perched on the Northwest of the Federal Capital Territory was an attraction to me mainly because of the melodious intonation of the name of the town. It was especially captivating hearing those bus drivers in Abuja hailing passengers and shouting Mpape, Mpape, Mpape.

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