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Dodge Durango finally settles in Nigeria

DODGE Durango,the renowned American luxury sports utility vehicle has finally settled in Nigeria, courtesy of Weststar Associates Nigeria Ltd, distributors of Mercedes Benz in Nigeria. The Durango is reputed for its numerous awards and comparison test victories from well respected evaluation groups such as Motor Week and the American Automobile Association (AAA).

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Maybach: The exit of an icon

THIS is a sad story for luxury car freaks. Maybach is extincted. The Daimler’s ailing luxo-brand passed on last year leaving behind the Mercedes Benz Marque. Mercedes Benz has continued to wax stronger with more models while Maybach gave up the ghost. Maybach was designed to compete with the Rolls Royce. But it never did.

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Jeep Grand Cherokee returns with a bang

IT took Jeep about 11 years to replace the last Jeep Grand Cherokee and when it finally hit the market earlier this year, the entire Sport Utility Vehicle segment was shook to its very foundation. The Jeep has done it again, by setting the benchmark like in 1963 when the first Jeep Wagoneer was born as a pure and first luxury Sports Utility Vehicle.

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