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Wanted: A new constitution for Nigeria (3)

We shall then have 110 governments (one federal and 109 provincial) – a saving of 691. The reasons are two. States today are so powerful they consistently usurp the powers of the Local Governments. The Local Governments are invariably so small they can engage in no meaningful development projects; and so weak, they cannot assert their rights against the all powerful State Governments.

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Wanted: A new constitution for Nigeria

The amending of Nigeria’s Constitution has engaged Nigerians of all shades of opinion over the years. It was a major preoccupation of the Sixth Assembly (2003-2007). It is a major issue among political parties, university teachers, students, the professions, civil society. On her part, the Nigerian Bar Association considered it so important that she set up a Committee to review the document.

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Are N/Asssembly Resolutions binding on the Executive?

Recently, there has been a ruckus about whether or not, the resolutions of the National Assembly are binding on the Executive, headed by the President. There are protagonists and antagonists. Still, others navigated a middle ground, (albeit subscribing to the “turn the other cheek” doctrine), stating that although the resolutions are not binding, the President ought to adhere to them for the smooth and efficient running of government.

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