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Poor quintuplets’ horrors: One dead at birth, four detained for unpaid hospital bill …

WHEN Mrs. Chiamaka Ezedienyi, a full time housewife, from the sleepy community of Nnobi in Idemili South local government area of Anambra State, gave birth to five babies two years ago, her home became a Mecca of sort as many people travelled from far and near to catch a glimpse of the babies who God brought into the poor home of Mr. Ezedienyi and his wife. One of the babies, however, died shortly after the woman was delivered of them, leaving four who eventually survived.

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Five-yr-succession battle: Peace ushers Igwe Onuorah into Oraukwu palace

When Dr Emeka Onuorah was persuaded into dropping his agitation shortly after the 2011 general elections even when he was going to throw some punches, little did he know that providence was preparing him for a bigger position. He was to represent Idemili Federal Constituency at the National Assembly then. Today, he has been chosen to mount the throne of his forefathers as the monarch of Oraukwu.

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Secrets for good health at 80- Obidairo

At the University of Benin where he was popularly known as TKO, after his initials, Professor Thomas Kehinde Obidairo was one of the least expected to engage in a brawl or even post a Technical Knock Out on anyone. However, what he lacked in physical aggressiveness, he more than made up for in his academic calling, pioneering academic departments and ventures in the Universities of Lagos, Benin, the Lagos State University and the National Open University of Nigeria, NOUN.

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Looming floods: Thousands of Lagosians may be displaced- Giwa, LASEMA chief

Right from the onset, we had always stepped up our emergency preparedness and response, and, in view of the advice from the Office of the Security Adviser to the president concerning the high level of flood that will occur in some states which include Lagos, we have stepped up high level of preparedness at our two relief camps; the relief and emergency camp at Agbowa in Lagos East and the one at Igando, Lagos West.

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SBF: Fresh hope for frustrated teenage mothers

There are many of them stranded out there. And, it seems clear that it is difficult for them to be able to keep themselves afloat or to return to the classroom after missing the first opportunity. They are found everywhere across the length and breadth of Nigeria. They are young. Some are strikingly beautiful and others are awful. But they have one thing in common: frustration, arising from unwanted pregnancy that has put a wedge between them and their parents on one hand and their future on the other hand.

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Just one glass of wine a week while pregnant ‘can harm a baby’s IQ’

‘Moderate’ drinking was regarded as anything less than six units of alcohol a week—the equivalent of three standard glasses of wine—while some of the women abstained through the whole of their pregnancy. Heavy drinkers were excluded. When youngsters whose mothers were moderate drinkers were tested at the age of eight, those who had three of the gene variants—meaning they were slower to rid alcohol from their systems—had a lower intelligence when compared with those who had either one or two.

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The cost of widowhood in Igboland

Widowhood practices, which, to some people, violate the fundamental human rights of women through culturally prescribed seclusion, exist in most parts of Igbo land. In Nimbo, in Uzo Uwani Local Government Area of Enugu State, wives of kings mourned their husbands for seven years before they were buried and another one year after their interment.

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Benin mourns as Oba of Benin, Erediauwa joins ancestors

OMON N’OBA Ne Edo, Uku Akpolokpolor, Oba Erediauwa has joined his ancestors. He was the 38th Oba of Benin Kingdom. A terse announcement yesterday in Benin by the Iyase of Benin Kingdom (the Traditional Prime Minister), Chief Sam Igbe who spoke in Bini dialect said, “OSORHUE BUNRUN; Oba Erediauwa of Benin Kingdom, the Prince of Peace, Ebo, Ayemwirhe, Emimi Mini Mini, has re-united with his ancestors. May he find perfect peace with God.”

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