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Diet doctor: Lose most weight with least effort

 This simple food-timing trick sends messages to your brain to release fat stores. If you haven’t eaten anything for 2 to 3 hours, it’s time to eat again. Ideally, choose some protein and non-starchy vegetables to get the best results. Some great options include: soaked almonds (soak for eight hours or overnight, then drain), celery sticks with almond or hemp seed butter, and apple slices with avocado or almond butter.

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Unplanned pregnancies on the rise among women in Lagos — REPORT

When Mrs Juliet Adeniji had her fourth child six years ago she and her husband Kola decided to put a stop to childbearing.   But  in January last year when she missed her period for the first time in six years, she was shocked.  Apparently, not expecting to be pregnant as she was following the natural method taught by their church counsellors, she did not that such a method was not as effective as modern contraceptives.

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