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2019: Buhari’s second term bid divides Nigerian entertainers

When President Muhammadu Buhari declared his intention to contest in the 2019 presidential election, many Nigerians frowned at his decision because they expected him to honourably step aside, and encourage the younger generation to take over the reins of Nigeria’s leadership. But there are also many who say that the man has done well and could continue.

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It’s not right to use street slang in gospel music – BeeCee Moh

I was born into a music family, basically gospel. My mom writes lots of gospel songs but that wasn’t what pushed me into doing gospel music. Growing up, I noticed that I was different, there were certain things my mates went through and somehow God saved me and I was puzzled as to how I could thank God. Then I decided that I will do this to glorify His name. As at late last year, I had this strong conviction that I should start immediately but I kept waving it aside but it was so strong I just had to start. So I started professionally last year October.

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