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Not Just Jos

IT is defeatist to look at riots as if they were indigenous to Jos, the Plateau State capital, which has had an unfair share of them. Riots, unrests, and variants of them, have become common Nigerian ways of expressing their anger at a federation that does not work.

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Jiffy Justice

THINGS are getting better, depending on who you are, and what you are looking at. In the past few months you would have noticed that justice is available speedily, actually in a jiffy, for a select few, who approach the court with cases that serve special interests.

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Rebels Against All

IT is difficult to appreciate the dimensions of national conflicts until the victims include some distant and unintended targets. The attack on the Togolese team to the Nations Cup in Angola again restates the unresolved conflicts in Africa and their implications for the global village. We may mouth the import of globalisation, but we fail grossly to see that what hurts one, affects all.

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Reforming Nigeria

THE challenges that reforms pose are not new to these parts. With a little hindsight, we can remember that the re-structuring of this economy, otherwise called reforms started most emphatically in the public’s mind with the structural adjustment programme, SAP.

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Farce Of Continuity

OUR politicians do not expect us to take them serious. In their thinking, some bags of rice, or whatever inducement that would swing the impoverished voters to their direction would sustain democracy. They have succeeded so far because the people have been completely alienated from a process that is supposed to be about them.

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We’re Not Terrorists

NIGERIAN authorities must stand up against the American posture of trying to label us a country of terrorists after the Christmas Day incident in which 23-year-old Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab tried to blow up a passenger aircraft as it was landing in Detroit.

Happy New Year

AS 2010 begins, people have high expectations. They dream their New Year ambitions. It is an annual ritual that helps brush aside failures of the faded year. The beginning of every year affords deep reflection on the past and plan the future. Some call these New Year resolutions.

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Trips @N2.7 Billion Only

Maduekwe told Senators he knew ambassadors who cornered national resources for their selfish interest. They damage Nigeria’s image by making its diplomats destitute and he did nothing about it. Are there no financial guidelines for our missions? Could this rigmarole restore the dignity of our starving diplomats? Was welfare of our diplomats really an issue in the budget defence?

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