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NNPC: Cock and bull story

When the news broke that the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Africa’s biggest oil producer, is facing questions about where billions of dollars in oil money is going amid suspicions of fraud and it being siphoned among other things, the first thing that came to my mind was how my own family missed out on the whole thing.

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2015 conversations

By Chioma Gabriel “Mchshh” “ You hissed, Saka” “I didn’t,”Aminu answered. “ But you just did” “Ah! It’s just these papers, one cannot believe  everything written on the pages of newspapers” ‘ Why do you think so? But you are reading it upside down” “ Are you blind? The matter is also upside down. Didn’t
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City of gays ?

I thought I heard a voice cry, “Sleep no more! Macbeth is murdering sleep.” Innocent sleep. Sleep that soothes away all our worries. Sleep that puts each day to rest. Sleep that relieves the weary labourer and heals hurt minds. Sleep, the main course in life’s feast, and the most nourishing—William Shakespeare.

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Finally, Tukur bows out

The owl farted, and demanded that his kinsmen eulogise him for that. But they couldn’t, telling him that no man gets eulogised for doing evil. Indeed, a child that dances to the rhythm of surugada should know it is the dance of the spirits. It is only a fly that does not listen to advice that follows a corpse to the grave.

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My new year resolutions

On my honour, I promise that in this new year, I will do my best. I will do my duties to God and my country. I’m a prominent Nigerian politician. I love my country with all my heart and all my soul. I am a strong believer in the anti-corruption crusade. I believe in the brand called Nigeria and the fact that Nigeria should be re branded, but not the Dora Akunyili way.

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Et tu Jonathan

So, President Goodluck Jonathan finally responded to Obasanjo’s letter after sixteen days of receiving it and when many Nigerians were already thinking he had nothing to say or that the allegations made against him were true. Some mischief makers even suggested that perhaps, the President was waiting for Dame Patience Jonathan to respond on his behalf or give him the go-ahead to do so.

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