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Tony Eluemunor

As South Africa kills African unity

It is bad enough that Africa has not had the fantastically peaceable and futuristic twins that Europe had in Germany’s Conrad Adeneaur and France’s Jean Monnet.

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•Obi Akaeze(left)being congratulated by a don amidst other graduands during his graduation in Uk.

Ubulu-Ukwu’s Obi Akaeze comes of age

I still don’t know why the radiance of a king comes to my mind whenever I see the picture of Ubulu-Ukwu’s monarch; Noah Chukwuka Ofulue, who three years ago succeeded his father as “Obi Ubulu” and took the title of Obi Akaeze. Many, including this correspondent have mistakenly called the youthful king Obi Akaeze I (the first).

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Blind APC leading blind Nigeria

These are trying times for Nigeria, and they call for a crop of insightful men and women with inspired ideas, ready to take on a sea of troubles and chart a new course for their country. Such leaders should solve problems in bold new and ingenious ways, to clear the mess inherited from the past, and this past includes the last four years during which unfortunately, the All Progressives Congress (APC) has held Nigeria captive, led it amiss, yet is combative enough to accept that it’s governance has proved to be nothing short of disastrous.

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Boko Haram attack Borno, set imam, family members, others ablaze

How the North became a killing field

It is amazing the amount of acrimonious, malicious and vindictive argument that came in the wake of former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s outcry that Islamic Jihadists/terrorists have deliberately marked out a large swat of African land from Mali to Nigeria for the establishment of an Islamic State after their failure to defend the Islamic state that they had declared around Iraq and Syria. The bitterly spiteful debate shows the nature of the ruling party and its supporters; they are not ready to take corrections or criticisms as though the All Progressives Congress is a religion and not a political party and President Mohammadu Buhari has become a god who can do no wrong.

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Ekumeku war: Why Britain balkanised Anioma land

Even now, the nine local government areas of Anioma land of Delta State, can hardly speak with one voice. Looking back, the entire Anioma people must ever remain grateful to the late Sylvester Ifeanyichukwu Moemeka, of LINTAs, advertising company which he joined in 1962, and became its first African head, chairman and managing director in 1974.

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