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Tony Eluemunor

Vision 20-2020; The mother of all lies

Nigeria in handcuffs: The DISCOs and the spirit of NEPA

Vision 20-2020 must be the greatest lie any President or Prime Minister ever told to his country. It was a national swindle for the project had no foundation whatsoever as it was not based on any solid reasoning and so should not have been embarked on “at all at all” as the bus stop man would add for emphasis, often with a shake of the head to illustrate his anger, at something that should not have taken off.

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30 years after they tried to balkanise Nation: Nigeria is almost a failed state — Tony Nyiam

Who Protects Nigeria’s Interest?

For the past four weeks or so, I had cast a glance, over a gulf of more than a decade, at the preposterous claim Mr. Nuhu Ribadu, the founding Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, made and which Nigerians swallowed most credulously, like crazed simpletons. Years down the line, with books having been written (where that claim received some comments), and sundry events have taken place that opened new vistas of looking at that obvious but audacious falsehood backed by no iota of evidence anywhere, I have felt the time was ripe to take on all those who pledged themselves to work as knights in the service of Satan, by replicating that obvious whopper.

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•Obi Akaeze(left)being congratulated by a don amidst other graduands during his graduation in Uk.

Ubulu-Ukwu’s Obi Akaeze comes of age

I still don’t know why the radiance of a king comes to my mind whenever I see the picture of Ubulu-Ukwu’s monarch; Noah Chukwuka Ofulue, who three years ago succeeded his father as “Obi Ubulu” and took the title of Obi Akaeze. Many, including this correspondent have mistakenly called the youthful king Obi Akaeze I (the first).

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Blind APC leading blind Nigeria

These are trying times for Nigeria, and they call for a crop of insightful men and women with inspired ideas, ready to take on a sea of troubles and chart a new course for their country. Such leaders should solve problems in bold new and ingenious ways, to clear the mess inherited from the past, and this past includes the last four years during which unfortunately, the All Progressives Congress (APC) has held Nigeria captive, led it amiss, yet is combative enough to accept that it’s governance has proved to be nothing short of disastrous.

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