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The Whistle Man

Sadam Hussein, Moamar Gaddafi

These two teach lessons that should be appreciated by elites who rule through regimes tailored to the measure of their persons.

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Rating our league refs

The commendation seems to corroborate the impression expressed by football analysts during the just concluded season. As I stated in one of my previous write-ups for this column, I can assure that there has been a sustained drive for good refereeing in Nigeria over recent years fuelled by well-coordinated development programme by the NFF.

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Unsporting behaviour

Part of the current Law (as it was until 30 June 2009 ) states among other issues that ‘a defending player who deliberately steps over the goal line into his team’s goal, (which is technically outside the field of play) in an attempt to place an attacking player technically in the offside position is to be regarded as having behaved in an unsporting manner

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Why I am writing

I will be serving the readers with answers to technical questions and often scratching deep into the spirit behind the laws that confuse when applied in the matches readers observe. We are also going to use this forum to often x-ray developments in football refereeing from international bodies such as FIFA, CAF and WAFU as well as Nigerian referees’ designations.

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