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*sheer blackmail

The recall of Ms. Aruma Oteh, the formerly suspended Director-General of the Securities and Exchange Commission by the Federal Government, seems to have caused a widespread commotion within the Capital Market enclave, and within the membership of the House of Representatives.

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*the Boko Haram challenge …

We would have thought that the authorities of the Nigerian Youth Service Corps would naturally take the initiative about the decision to send the young men and women involved in the scheme only to the areas that are not seriously affected by the scourge of the Boko Haram at this time.

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What next, for goodness’ sake!

All these events swirling around us embodying power outage, poor health delivery, bad roads, dysfunctional so-called amenities, brutal insecurity, stifling corruption and ineffective leadership strike one as a mirror of our society. They express a sad comment about what we are, and who we are.

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*saint alvana

There is hardly anyone who has traveled with any of the local flights on more than ten occasions who does not have some harrowing experiences to recount. I have lost count of how many times I have found myself in the midst of crying, praying, and, screaming passengers inside a plane which had developed some mechanical fault or the other.

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God is in control,” remarked Gboyega Okegbenro, the passenger beside me on the plane from Abuja. “Ah!” I replied not daring to commit myself as to my belief one way or the other. The statement of profound faith from Gboyega, who was then the Sports Editor of The Daily Times some thirteen years ago, was provoked by an announcement by the pilot. It came after two futile attempts to land at the Ikeja Airport.

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*a first year of pains

There are times when I start saying something about Dr. Goodluck Jonathan and stop mid-sentence. It would suddenly occur to me that, no matter what, he is still the President of the country in which resides the most populous conglomeration of black people on this planet.

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*baboons and monkeys

What did the former military ruler and former Presidential Candidate of the Congress for Progressive Change, General Muhammadu Buhari mean by saying that, if the national elections in 2015 were not fairly conducted, “the dog and the baboon would all be soaked in blood”?

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*will oteh get a fair hearing?

Ms. Arunma Oteh, the Director-General of the Securities and Exchange Commission, put her pretty little foot into her dainty little mouth the moment she asserted that Herman Hembe, had requested her organization to contribute the sum of N39m towards the public hearing of the investigation of how the Nigerian Capital Market almost collapsed.

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