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A horribly scarred heart

As ugly a human undertaking as any kind of war is, none is as gruesome as a fratricidal conflict and that describes every civil war. Our three year-long experience could not have been devoid of some shameful acts on both sides, soured as it was by ethnic prejudices. But the mature and cultured mind takes it all in and allows the finest touch of the human spirit to mellow it down. That is the quality of the mentality that one would expect in an accomplished writer like Chinua Achebe.

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Whither, Nigeria?

Where were you in 1960? That is fifty-two years ago, the year of Nigeria’s independence, and what should be considered a memorable year, in any event. It was on the first day in the month of October, and the anniversary is actually in two days’ time, which brings it to the first burner at this time.

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Olatunde Vincent to glory

Against the background of the sad passing away of a “master banker”, Pa Olatunde Vincent, the furore rages on about the introduction of the 5000 naira note into our already shaky economy. The contrast between his benign era and the abrasive style of the present administration presents a picture of dismay. Old Lagos has lost one of its icons again. Apartheid is still very much with us,

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one national flag, one national anthem

*The signing into law of the symbols of nationhood by the Bayelsa State Government, this past week, adds a warning note to the anxiety expressed about the crumbling unity of Nigeria—but who is listening? The subsidy “robbery” raised a bit of noise in the recent past, but did the indictment stop where it should? More about that in the future.

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Boko Haram

President Goodluck Jonathan was asked to resign and become a Moslem by the irrepressible Boko Haram, while Dr. Doyin Okupe has been hired as the vocal defender of the President, though there appears to be no direct link between the two happenings.

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