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I apologise, I did not speak with the king

The story that the King Mohammed IV of Morrocco declined a phone request from Nigeria President Goodluck Jonathan is no longer news. This broke early last week and has been widely publicised both in print and broadcast media, in and outside Nigeria. At first “contact” with the news, I had reservations about the authenticity. This probably was because I saw it first on the social media.

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The Diasporan Experience

I have always believed in the unique brand that is the Vanguard newspaper-its niche which it has kept since its inception and the camaraderie and bond of fraternity that exists among the numerous young men and women- many of whom are my professional peers-such as the hardworking Editor-Maideno Bayagbon that have toiled in the vineyard of this publication, making it in the process a must read newspaper in Nigeria.

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