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Uduaghan’s Delta and matters arising

Dr. Emmanuel Ewetan Uduaghan could rightly be described as a cat with nine lives. Since his ascension to the coveted seat of Governor of Delta State, the man has been on the firing line for opposition politicians and political parties in the State. His greatest arch rival Great Ovedje Ogboru has not left any stone unturned in his strong determination to take over the State from Emmanuel Uduaghan.

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Sovereign National Conference or Suffering Nigerians Conference

The agitation for the convocation of what some called Sovereign National Conference has been around us for a long time and particularly gained currency in the last ten years. Some of the agitators with all their political and intellectual pedigree still show a remarkable lack of understanding of the socio-political dynamics of the country, especially the intricate logic of being a country of several configurations.

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Bayelsa Politics: A fraud foretold

There are so many issues begging for attention in Nigeria on a daily basis as a result of our peculiar configuration. In the fullness of all the issues that have occupied public space in recent times, we do not seem to be paying attention to details. The Bayelsa politics of old has been one characterized by fraud and corruption since 1999 till date.

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