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The dance … please give us the dance

The AIT Football Awards has come and gone. The memory is expected to linger till the next Award comes round.

As Chairman of the Award Panel, I did say as part of my vote of thanks that everything will be done to host the 2011 event at the end of this year. I have already read that it is going to be Lagos, while a call has come from Uyo showing interest. That, is for the Marketing Consultant to deal with.

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…Those five fifa votes

Going by the headline of this piece, what I am about to write is no more news.
I am convinced that perhaps there is nothing I am going to say here that our very intelligent readers have not heard or read and this influenced my earlier decision to dwell extensively on the just concluded Orange African Nations Championship.

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…..And now they are four

I am at the Khartoum International Stadium. The time is 19.05 Sudanese time, 17.05 Nigerian time.
The first quarter final match of the ongoing 2nd Orange African Nations Championship has just come to an end and with it the impressive run of an experimental South African side that defied form books to top a group that included Ghana , Niger and Zimbabwe .

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Wanted a woman for our women

Last year, Nigerian football was at the cross roads.Good will set in, court cases were vacated, peace was expected to reign. Never again, the rancor, acrimony, inefficiency and corruption that bedeviled the sport we hold so dear.
This year, we were expected to take a decision, move forward, to the promised land.

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Here we go again

This is a popular English cliché that says “
…Those who fail to plan, plan to fail …..” this is the idea that came to mind Friday morning when colleagues Olu Amadasun and Felix Okugbe woke me up to seek my view on the state of Nigerian sports in 2011, given THE MANY COMPETITIONS THAT ARE LINED UP FOR THE YEAR (Okugbe’s words)

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