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PDP: The beginning of the end?

IT used to be politically correct to bash Obasanjo, particularly in the media. The three-time Commander-in-Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces was peculiar in his response to criticism, and even social/reputation battery. He did not, like others before him, court his critics with nice words and ‘invitations to chop’.

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Police Report

A FEW weeks ago, a presenter and documentary maker for one of the more prominent television stations drew attention to the state of primary healthcare in one of the more prosperous local governments in Lagos State.

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When govt doesn’t care

THERE is something seriously wrong when a government no longer cares what the people think.
In the days of the Obasanjo administration when all the most outrageous increases in petroleum products prices took place, Nigerians were involved in the process all the way.

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Party tyranny and our ailing President

By Morenike Taire THE one great failing of the democratic form of government, nonetheless far outweighed by its strengths, is its heavy dependence on the party system. A party is a group of people, amongst other accepted definitions, with political ambitions and ideological standpoints in common. A ruling party, therefore, is more likely to  have 
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The new IGR rage

The taxman must, if he would survive, pay people to come up with more and more ways his people can be taxed without them feeling as though they are overtaxed; or he dies. Lagos has done this and continues to do so most admirably, putting more emphasis on identifying the better-to-do and taxing them accordingly.

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Us redefining us

THERE is one characteristic trait that endears a Nigerian to his host wherever he goes. It is not entirely clear whether the particularly advanced propensity of the Nigerian to adapt is the result of his being fundamentally African or just a survival tool he has adapted; a fallout of colonialism and its neo-colonial cousins.

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EFCC: Will or wherewithal?

IT was Jon Huntsman, American billionaire businessman and entrepreneur who in his humbler days worked as special assistant to the president during the first term of the Nixon administration that wrote in his bestselling book, Winners Never Cheat: “There are no moral shortcuts in the game of life.

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