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The new threats to a challenged economy

AFTER five quarters of economic contraction (Q1 2016- Q1 2017), Nigeria exited recession. With a positive 0.72 per cent GDP growth in Q2 2017, economic recovery has been slow and grinding, reaching 1.9 per cent in Q1 2018 and declining to 1.5 per cent in Q2 2018. Consequent on this, the economic wellbeing of many Nigerians has been unsatisfactory. Indeed for many, there is actually no evidence that the recession was over.

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Nigeria: high on religiosity, low on spirituality

THERE has been this argument as to whether Nigeria is a secular or non-secular state, religious or non-religious nation. A secular state is a state which purports to be officially neutral in matters of religion, supporting neither religion nor irreligion. A secular state also claims to treat all its citizens equally, regardless of religion and claims to avoid preferential treatment for a citizen from a particular religion/non religion over other religions/non religion. Secular states do not have a state religion.

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Need to halt drug misuse and abuse in Nigeria before it gets out of hand

IN the year 2001 or thereabout, I was a member of a delegation of the Nigerian American Chamber of Commerce (NACC) that visited President Olusegun Obasanjo at Aso Rock. The delegation was led by the President of the chamber at that time, Chief (Mrs) Priscillia Kuye, SAN. When Mrs Kuye finished addressing the President, she graciously requested if I had something to add. I rose up to grab the opportunity. But before I would speak, she introduced me to the President as a Pharmacist and Chairman/ CEO of Neimeth International Pharmaceuticals Plc, a successor company of Pfizer Products Plc.

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How do we sustain improvements in the ease of doing business ranking?

MY personal passion is to play a role in Nigeria’s ascendancy from a third world country to a first world nation. This passion has been the driver in most of the things that I do. My active roles in the Nigerian Economic Summit group, NESG, Manufacturers Association of Nigeria, MAN, Nigeria Employers Consultative Association, NECA, Business Leaders’Forum, BLF, etc have been driven by this passion.

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Restoring inter-professional harmony to the healthcare team

I WAS in the United States of Nigeria recently and felt that I needed to go to the clinic. My sister inlaw booked an appointment. When I arrived, I was warmly received by a receptionist who gave me a form to fill. He was neatly dressed and after collecting my data, ushered me into a room. Soon afterwards a lady walked into the room to take my vital signs- blood pressure, pulse rate and temperature. This healthcare professional who I got to know was a nurse was decently dressed in a white over coat. But at first he could have passed as a medical doctor. He asked me a few questions and got me ready to see the physician.

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The final return of Atiku Abubakar

THE drab Nigerian political environment has lightened up. The expected ‘unexpected’ happened. Atiku Abubakar, former Vice President of Nigeria was elected at the PDP primaries held in Port Harcourt recently. It looked like this was never going to happen. Not just that this was the fifth and to my mind the final attempt of Atiku to become presidential candidate, but so much obstacle was put on his way by seen and unseen forces. As if those forces were not strong enough, the competition became even stiff in his new ‘old ‘ party. For the first time in the history of PDP, there were twelve solid contestants, each who could easily have become a formidable presidential material. 

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Total reinvention of Nigeria fully indicated

RECENTLY, it was reported that Vice President Osinbajo (VPO) had a different view from former Vice President Atiku (FVPA) concerning the type of restructuring that Nigeria needed. While VPO only wanted fiscal restructuring, FVPA wanted both fiscal and geographical restructuring. I must say at the outset, that it is a good thing that both political leaders are agreed that Nigeria needs restructuring, unlike some other political leaders who say all is well and do not see any need to restructure.

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Nigeria’s healthcare: Both the poor and the rich cry

I believe that I am not alone in feeling distressed about the situation of healthcare in Nigeria. Everywhere you look, the   problems stare you in the face. In the public health care space, you face poor infrastructure, old or inoperative equipment and generally poor attitude. Even skill and competency levels are often suspect. If you have taken a seriously ill patient to our public health facilities – be they primary, secondary or tertiary institutions, you will have known that many more people are healed by faith in Nigeria than by medical care.

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Why Nigeria’s economic recovery is slowing down

Ordinarily there should be so much going for Nigeria’s economy. Production of crude oil at about 2 million barrels per day at a good price of about 70 dollars per barrel is yielding good foreign exchange for the Nation, helping to boost foreign reserves which today stand at about 47.25 Billion dollars. Inflation has continued to decline steadily over several months coming to the current level of 11.4% as the CBN and its MPC retain monetary policy index at a tight stance.

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Parallels & Congruences Between Buhari & Trump

I have been in the United States of America attending family events and attempting a vacation. Before I left Nigeria,I was really downcast with the turn of events in the country, especially the show of shame happening in the political circles: rumours of planned decamping, mass decamping and some des-camping; threats of impeachment and attempted impeachments in the midst of worsening insecurity and growing poverty.

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