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Knife-edge power struggle

THE issue of zoning: to be or not to be, is now being taken away from the discussion or debate level. The two sides to the dispute: the South-South and the conservative section of the Northern political class, are now sabre-rattling. They are mobilising their instruments of intimidation with a view to coercing the nation to succumb to their respective demands.

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Much Ado About Something!

One thing became indisputably clear [as the din increased as to whether Mr. President was alive or not; whether he had formally handed over to his deputy, Vice President Goodluck Jonathan or not; and whether the VP was under pressures to resign or not]; and that is that the political elite in Nigeria must hold the common Nigerian in great contempt, and so they deem us, at best, worthy of no more than to be treated as mindless buffoons who must swallow whatever the leaders vomit.

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NIGER DELTA: Those Who Dare Are Winning!

We join millions of Nigerians in hailing your courageous and peace-encouraging decision to meet, last Saturday, with the MEND-appointed Aaron Team led by Admiral Okhai Mike Akhigbe, and comprising distinguished Nigerians like Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka, retired military strategist, General Luke Kakadu Aprezi and Architect Denzil Amagbe Kentebe.

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Crossing The Red Sea!

Dear Fellow-Nigerians,President Umoru Musa Yar’Adua may go down in history as the just Pharaoh that “facilitated” the emancipation of the Niger Delta [something the Balewas, Babangidas, Abachas, and Obasanjos tried, in vain, to achieve] by simply listening to the true representatives of the region’s peoples and having the political courage to address the fundamental challenges of the region…or, at least, that is what we are all praying that he does…if the hawks in his kitchen cabinet will let him!

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Who is Mr. President: Yar’Adua or Abbe?!

Dear President Yar’Adua,
This writer broke his writing-milk-teeth working with a little-sung icon of the Nigerian press, Christopher Maduaburochukwu Okolie; the young man who dared to import classy full-colour gloss into the realm of Nigerian media (which was hitherto dominated by the “dreary” but popular Spear and Drum magazines) with his revolutionary “NEWBREED” magazine (with the delectable Ms. Gloria Rhodes gracing its debut 1972 cover).

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Niger Delta Amnesty: Peace cannot be dictated!

Dear Fellow Nigerians,
At a recently concluded socio-cultural event in Odi, Bayelsa State, Dr Timiebi Koripamo-Agary, who is one of the most trusted, most seasoned and most professional federal civil servants, and who is also a member of the Federal Government Committee on Amnesty and Rehabilitation, was quoted as saying: ‘It is time now for those who have carried arms for whatever reason to drop them and embrace peace, so that real peace and development can come in for our people.

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