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Pini Jason

A letter to Yushau Shuaib

MY dear Yushau Shuaib, first accept my sincere sympathy for your recent travails. I am happy to glean from your narration syndicated in several newspapers that you were not, after all, fired, but redeployed from the National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA, to the Ministry of Information.

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Terror in the land: The road not travelled

IN the heat of the Niger Delta violence, many Nigerians engaged in what former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair accurately identified as “glorification of terrorism” following the 7 July 2007 Underground bombings in London. One of the oft repeated lines then was that the Nigerian government must not be seen as fighting its citizens. I said, good; don’t fight the Niger Delta militants, but go after the oil thieves, those engaged in pipeline vandalism and illegal bunkering. I warned that it would be a tragic mistake if we didn’t separate all the strands of criminality in the region so as to know the real agitators for economic and environmental rights of the people.

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Reviving the Steel sector

FOR any Nigerian enthusiastic about our groping our way back unto the road to industrialisation, the two pieces of news I read recently must be heart-warming. Last week, a company in Lagos, African Foundries Limited claimed that it would begin to export steel products on 27 April 2013.

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Before we swallow this APC

AT the sixth edition of her Town Hall meeting, the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, senator representing Lagos Central Senatorial District, the immediate past First Lady of Lagos State and wife of the national leader of the ACN, Mrs. OluremiTinubu asserted that the formation of All Progressives Congress, APC, is a divine opportunity to save the country (Daily Sun Tuesday 19 March 2013).

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The mess in Imo: No longer a laughing matter

LATE last year, I attended a party at the Abuja home of a highly distinguished sister of mine who had been bestowed with a deserved national honour. A distinguished senator asked me, “Pini, how is Clean and Green? How is ImoState?” “I take the fifth!” I answered. “Why?” He pressed. “Because anything I say will be construed as sour grape. You know I just left office and my views may be seen as biased”.

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