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Educate a woman

Some say having a girl is like tending a neighbours’ garden. This is narrow minded and condescending perspective of low sense of value placed on females in our society. This is borne out of the way people react to the arrival of the birth of a baby boy: that of jubilation and in contrast,the arrival of a baby girl is often greeted with muted commiserations from friends and family. If the truth be told, the mother is often made to feel a failure if she does not provide the family with a male and a heir.

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You sir, are a thief in Govt House

“Those whom God wishes to destroy he first makes mad.”-Seneca
Last week one of James Ibori’s accomplices,Bhadresh Gohil, sought to appeal against his conviction because a prominent newspaper revealed allegation against the Met police investigating the case of corruption in which Ibori, his wife and his solicitor are doing time in her majesty’s prisons.

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Exploiting young girls

The successful conviction of Osezua Osolase 42, was welcomed by AFRUCA(Africans Unite Against Child Abuse) that commended British government on the successful prosecution of a prolific child trafficker. The agency stated such conviction will serve as a warning to others who are willing to exploit young girls with a promise of a better live in Europe only to be sold into prostitution.

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