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Sadiq Abdullahi defends Ndanusa

In the said article that my friend Sadiq is condemning in his attempted defence for Sani Ndanusa I summarily wrote that tennis in Nigeria has suffered tremendously since Ndanusa assumed office as the President of Tennis Federation in Nigeria and regretted that even as sports minister and President of Nigeria Olympic Committee Ndanusa has not been able to help tennis. Many tournaments have died under his tenure and he has not been able to convince any sponsors to return to the game. It is so bad that teenagers, as I experienced myself at the National Stadium, who should be playing tournaments and mapping a future for themselves now beg to coach elderly people for tokens that could help them live.

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Brazil: The next thing to do

I received many messages especially in the first half of the game.
Nigerians could not understand what was happening. Three of the messages were similar as if the senders rehearsed them. They were apt questions. “What’s happening?”, one read. Next was “What’s going on?” Another said “it will be miraculous if we survive this.”

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If I were Keshi…

You can lose to a weaker team when you underrate them. With all your finesse and techniques, a fighting team, with guts and stupendous will, overpowers you. A team endowed with technical prowess can lose to a team full of determination. A hungrier team can shock a team with superior skills.

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Just one more step, Mr President

I don’t think that any Nigerian President has shown the kind of concern President Jonathan has demonstrated in sports in the past two decades.
General Sani Abacha did well but those managing other sports other than football would not readily agree. Again, Nigeria was a pariah state at the time and only sports could give us succour. And Abacha embraced soccer. It paid off.

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