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For Christ’s Sake!

We use the expressions “for God’s sake” and “for Christ’s sake” very often. When we use them, it is to insist on getting something from somebody. We might say: “Give it to me for God’s sake.” Or we might say in frustration: “Why don’t you just leave me alone for Christ’s sake?” But these things are mostly said in ignorance; without our fully realising what they mean. “Father, forgive us, for we do not know what we are saying.”

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Christmas Without Jesus Christ

Have you noticed that under certain circumstances it is necessary to be a Christian? Many people may not go to church all year but on Christmas day we feel the need to do so. We might not have gone to church for five years, but when we want to get married we feel it is necessary to do so in a church. We may not have been going to church at all but now that we have a baby, we need a pastor to officiate at the naming ceremony and baptise the baby.

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