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Triumphalism: Caution needed from May 29

Triumphalism was a causal ingredient in the fall of the Roman Empire. The Emperors were so immersed in their Triumphs that they out-sourced command-generals to mercenaries. In 476 CE, one of such generals, a Germanic leader, Odoacer, overthrew Romulus, the last of the Roman Emperors, and became the first Barbarian to rule Rome. It was the end of the order that the Roman Empire brought to Europe for 1000 years. At the fall, Angles and Saxons populated the British Isles and the Franks ended up in France. The rest, including, Constantinople, named after Constantine the Great, is now history.

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Buhari: Youth frustration, escalating threat of Boko Haram

There were many spontaneous celebrations across Nigeria when it became clear that opposition leader General Muhammadu Buhari was the winner of Nigeria’s presidential elections. When President Goodluck Jonathan agreed to graciously relinquish the presidency, it sent a powerful signal to the world that African leaders can choose to put the interests of the people before their own.

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