June 21, 2024

Why textbook recycling project is imperative —Educationist


AN education researcher, Kusin Ekanem, has disclosed plans to lead a campaign to recycle textbooks from urban areas to rural communities in Nigeria and Africa.

In a statement, Ekanem urged governments, stakeholders and individuals to join her initiative to make education accessible to underprivileged children in rural Africa.

According to her, textbooks are instrumental in expanding foundational knowledge and educational opportunities, providing access to equal learning opportunities and promoting academic excellence.

She said: “Textbooks, a fundamental building block of education, are a luxury for many rural children. Recycling textbooks from urban areas can bridge the gap between abstract teaching and practical application, improving academic performance.

“By recycling textbooks, workbooks, and supplementary resources, learners in rural communities can gain access to essential information, concepts and exercises, promoting student engagement, motivation, and critical thinking skills.”

The researcher urged government, individuals, and corporate organizations to support this initiative, as a CSR project, transforming Nigeria and Africa by reducing the number of out-of-school children.

“Let us join forces to recycle textbooks and make education a reality for rural African children. Together, we can bridge the educational gap and empower future generation