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June 9, 2024

The wonderful move of God: Cameroon experience by Muoka Lazarus

Lord’s Chosen

It was supposed to be a grand dedication of newly built gigantic worship centres of the Lord’s chosen ministry in Douala, Cameroon but little did we know that God Almighty whose ways cannot be figured out by mortal men had designed it as another window to showcase His wonderful move in the ministry.

Few weeks ago while preaching, the General Overseer, Pastor Lazarus Muoka had made reference to this divine move and prophetically announced to his congregation that they have entered into a new era in the ministry, an era when the Spirit of God shall takeover everything that concerns them, and avail sufficient grace to seamlessly do His works.

According to him it is a time when greater miracles as never witnessed before will be taking place and everyone will have enough wonderful works of God to share to his/her listeners. So to God be the glory before the dedication of the building, a two day crusade to commemorate the dedication was scheduled so that Cameroonians would be made to experience the great move of God as stated by the cleric.

As the case may be, the crusade witnessed an amazing move of Godin a dimension never seen before. The lame walk, the blind see, the afflicted were delivered and the oppressed liberated. It was great andincredible as the glory of God visited the earth in the two days program held at the expansive field of College Saint Michel Terminus, Douala, Republique Du Cameroon, penultimate weekend. The crusade was attended by the high and mighty and people came from far and near.

Among the dignitaries that graced the occasion were the Consul General of Nigeria in Douala, Ambassador FrancisEnya, Justice Akuma Christy, President of the High Court of Dong, Mrs Florence Tanko, Director in the Nigeria Consulate Office in Douala. Pierre Nkoa an England based businessman and etc. The crusade which was scheduled to commence by 4 pm saw the venue filled to the brim before 12 noon.

Of course, prior to the great day, the evangelical team was on ground doing what they knew how to do best- that is drawing the attention of everyone irrespective of gender, status or language to the need to avail him or herself of the privilege of meeting with the God that can do the impossibility.That efforts contributed immensely to the huge number of turn-out witnessed at the crusade, and most of them were positively affected by the power of God.

The General Overseer has alluded that the new evangelical approach of the Chosen people will no longer be driven by the biblical signs and wonders alone because same God is alive and doing much more miracles even in our midst and these need to be amplified so that those whose faith have been dampened, or who had concluded that God has no power again will be revived.

According to him, what God is doing in The Lord’s Chosen is enough to convince doubting Thomases that God is alive and still in charge of the affairs of men. Pastor Muoka is determined to prove to the world through his threefold vision that power to change any situation, do this or that is still domiciled solely in the hand of God.

The two days’ program commenced with heart rending songs of praises and worship which charged the congregants and positively stirred their hearts to be in expectation. Followed immediately was the welcoming of tens of thousands of new comers.

There wasovation among the brethren when they saw the multitude that responded to their invitation. Thereafter the moderator called up members to sing the Church’s welcome songs for new comers and all the congregation respectfully stood up to welcome the brethren with the song, “Oh ye people, the Lord’s Chosen and glory of the Lord. Come and make Jesus King of kings and Lord of all” The countenance of the new comers spoke volume of the joy in their heart because of such recognition accorded to them by the church.

And that gesture perhaps contributed in encouraging them to remain steadfast throughout the eight hours of the program. After then came the turn of the choir, comprising the children, youths, PRO group and adult choirs.

All gave good account of their respective groups. Truly speaking, no one including the very old among the congregation resisted the call to dance by each choir. Many danced away their sorrows and received healings while dancing. In fact bro Baleba an elderly man of about 75 years danced throughout the duration of the choir ministrations.

Those who were on wheelchairs, or physically challenged by one sickness or the other were either nodding or shaking a part of their body in appreciation. Next on the list of activities was testimony time, when those who had received the touch of God are given opportunity to share the marvellous work of God in their life with the congregation.

Among the people that testified were Sister Nneka, a Nigerian residing in Douala who testified that before joining the Lord’s chosen she had her first and second children through CS but when she became a chosen she had three children delivered like Hebrew women. Sis Lum Nerika, aCameroonian testified that before she joined Chosen someone suddenly appeared to claim the house the husband built. The person according to her took them to court at Boya.

And while in court a neighbour introduced her to The Lord’s Chosen as a place of solution. She said the first day she attended Chosen service, the man of God spotted her case and prophetically prayed that God should grant them victory at the court.

And true to that prophecy, the case file mysteriously got missing and thus the case was struck out the next sitting.

For sis Obriel, it was marital problem that brought her to Chosen. She was almost thrown out of her matrimonial home when she discovered The Lord’s chosen. She said while worshipping with the chosen brethren, God restored peace in her home and now she lives in peace.

Sis Gladys from Ngaoundere testified that she was nobody before she joined the chosen but today everyone calls her with respect because of the blessing of God upon her life. Also her son had on three occasions won Africa’s award which has brought her fame amongwomen. For Sister Magdalene Gashu it was in search of solution that could ease her two years kidney pain that brought her to chosen. And as soon as she pitched her tent with chosen in obedience to the teaching that continuation brings freedom, she didn’t know when the pain ceased.

Immediately after the testimony session, the man of God was ushered in and his appearance was greeted with jubilation and a standing ovation. Even the atmosphere which looked not bright before then automatically was displaced by sunshine which was a sign that heaven also acknowledged the presence of the servant of God. It was a fantastic moment to behold as everyone was expressing his or her excitement. It was the declaration of ‘Amen’ by the Overseer that brought the congregants under control and what followed was a pin drop silence.

Then the cleric interrupted the silence and said, “It is your turn to testify. You will never go home the same” and the congregation erupted with a thunderous amen that shook the whole vicinity. Continuing he declared, “Today is your day. Others have testified and you will testify.

Now receive freedom and be healed in Jesus name” As soon as that declaration was made there came a spontaneous applauses and shout of joy resonated from different sides indicating instant miracles have taken place. Many who came with diverse ailments jumped out from their seats with excitement indicating they have received instant healings.

One of them Sis Philemona 14 year old who from birth was born deaf and dumb was healed instantly. Another 21 years deaf and dumb who came all the way from Northwest Region received instant healing of deafness and dumbness. Another 30 years old Bro Michel from Bamenda townborn deaf and dumb was healed. All the victims of deafness and dumbness were made to recount numbers and word in order to confirm the veracity of their claims of healing.

Bro Nkono case was that of swollen legs that have lasted for four years. According to him, he has consulted many doctors and prayer houses to no avail. But immediately after pastor’s prayer, the legs were flattened and other symptoms disappeared. Bro Mbeumo is a 51-year-old man and cocoa farmer in Bamenda, he didn’t know exactly when blindness crept into his eyes.

In the past three years he was afflicted with this sickness, all he could remember was that he had a handshake with a friend at the farm and became blind as soon as he got home. He has resigned his fate to God until somebody told him about the crusade. He said he was assured by the person that God of Chosen heals all manner of sicknesses.

And true to his word, as soon as pastor started deliverance prayers, he felt a scale was pulled out of his eyes and he saw himself seeing again. A brother with spinal Chord injury also was healed instantaneously.

A brother with two years broken bone and walking with aids also received healing. An elderly mother with fourteen years hip born dislocation also received instant healing. There was another case of 5 years kidney pain that caused the brother sleepless night but after pastor’s prayer the pain ceased instantly. A sister who for two years has been on wheelchairs as a result of waist pain was healed. A young man who said he was afflicted with six years spirit of epilepsy got relief as he testified of not having the symptoms again. A sister who was a victim of 25 years stroke and invited by her neighbour shed tears of joy when she discovered that she can do what she couldn’t do before as a result of the stroke. Another victim of eight years stroke was also healed instantaneously. To be continued next week