June 15, 2024

The violent take it by force

The violent take it by force

By Yetunde Arebi

Hi, what you are about to read may seem like a fiction story or something straight from a movie plot.

However, this is a true life story; a chapter from the life of a betrayed and battered woman, by no other, but her beloved husband and a woman she regarded as a friend and sister. It has been two years since Sophie, quiet, soft-spoken, and respectful wife of Adebayo was unceremoniously thrown out of her matrimonial home, leaving her precious children behind.

Yet, the memory of the horrific experience she had, remains as fresh as the night it happened. 

When Adebayo fell into the enchanting arms of lust with Dirty Delilah, a married family friend, the illicit affair catapulted him into cloud nine. Sophie and their two lovely children now meant nothing to him. All he craved was the unholy getaways with his lover, another man’s wife, one who regarded him as a friend. The duo soon decided they could not do without each other. So they devised an evil plot to get rid of their partners. Sophie would be the fall guy.

They sought the help of some fraudulent men of god who came up with a grand scheme that would dislodge Sophie from her peaceful cocoon and pave a smooth passage for Dirty Delilah to take her place.

First, Adebayo must stop eating Sophie’s food and sharing her bed. He must create an unbearable tension in their home, such that Sophie would be willing to grab any solutions offered to make things right. That done, he would introduce the man of god who will deal the final blow to her. The man of god will pretend to be working in her favour while he was actually working against her.

Poor, naive Sophie soon fell into a trap that would strip her of her self-respect and life as she once knew it. The fake man of god began praying with the family and soon shifted focus on her. She began fasting and praying to avert a series of new evil visions being released almost on a weekly basis with a warning not to discuss any of it with anyone, not even her parents. Once her trust was won, the final attack was launched.

The man of god informed Sophie of her hidden and untapped spiritual powers, which she could use to help her husband achieve his destined successes. If she loved her husband and wanted his progress, she needed to perform a sacrifice to the gods which she must carry to a crossroads at the dead of the night. This time, not even her husband must know about it for it to be accepted by the god. If she could do it, all her marital problems with Adebayo would not only end but it would open an avalanche of success and wealth for the couple.

Without properly thinking it through, Sophie upped and carried the sacrifice that will appease the gods and usher in her husband’s great destiny to the designated place where some hoodlums had already been arranged to lay in wait for her. She was caught, apprehended and handed over to the vigilante group, while her husband was enjoying the cozy warmth of Dirty Delilah’s body.

Sophie was promptly labelled a ritualist and the news spread like wildfire in the neighbourhood and beyond. Both family and friends were stunned. It was only natural that Adebayo would feign ignorance of all her explanations, after all, she never informed him of the great risk she was to embark on to fast track his sluggish destiny.  To make matters worse, the man of god had disappeared, his phone switched off.

Adebayo insisted his man of god could not be the same as Sophie’s man of god, for his man of god had long travelled to Ilorin on a crusade. Arguments and counter-arguments only made his poor wife appear like a foolish, hopeless, lowlife liar. After all, only one could do what she’d been caught at.

The die was cast and Adebayo rode on to victory gallantly. He made it clear there was no way he would remain married to a woman who’d brought so much shame and ridicule to his precious name. He claimed he no longer felt safe with her around and wanted out of his life. No amount of begging by all could do. Sophie returned to her parents, empty and desolate without her beloved children.

Few days after Sophie’s departure, Dirty Delilah began paying Adebayo and the children visits. The children were happy as they regarded her as a good friend of their estranged mother. The slut now turned angel, soon became a fixture in their lives. After all, there was no other place for her to be than in her ‘husband’s’ house as she had packed out of her matrimonial home in anticipation of her fast-approaching new life with Adebayo.

There is nothing new under the sun, as they say. For the secret lovers to come clean, they had to shake off their legally wedded spouses. Their exit must not be connected with the bare-faced betrayal of trust and brutal backstabbing that had befallen them in the hands of their avowed loved one. Only then, can Adebayo and Dirty Delilah be free to enjoy the proceeds of their crime.

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