June 10, 2024

Iluyomade: New pastor takes over at RCCG City of David, parish undergoes audit – Report

Iluyomade: New pastor takes over at RCCG City of David, parish undergoes audit – Report

Pastor Charles Kpandei, on Sunday, assumed his duties as the new pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God’s City of David parish in Lagos State, replacing former pastor Idowu Iluyomade.

Church Times reports that upon his arrival, Kpandei introduced himself to the congregation and encouraged members to warmly welcome each other during the second service at the City of David.

He was said to have preached on the subject of heaven.

He said, “Are you really happy to be in church today? For those of you who are just coming for the second service, it is important to tell you that I am called Pastor Charles Kpandei.

“You need that name because you are going to tell somebody that, on behalf of Pastor Charles Kpandei, you are welcome to church today.”

Before proceeding with the main message, he led a prayer, asking for God’s blessings upon the City of David and citing Nehemiah 13:14.

The report reveals that a renowned audit firm is scrutinizing the parish’s finances amid claims of a N320 million debt, following Iluyomade’s suspension on June 1, 2024.

During the church service on June 9, one of the pastors announced that the church had spent approximately N15 million on the construction of the Trinity Tower between June 1 and 8.

However, the pastor informed the congregation that the parish still had an outstanding debt of N320 million, as shown on the financial sheet displayed on the screen.

However, a source within the church stated that Iluyomade was transferred to another parish.

The source within the church, said Iluyomade’s transfer was officially announced and confirmed Sunday, June 2, 2024, during the monthly thanksgiving service held across all RCCG parishes.

Pastor Iluyomade was said to have expressed dissatisfaction that he had yet to reach the retirement age of 70.

Another source also revealed that the Pastor in-charge of RCCG Resurrection Parish of Region 11, Pastor Charles Kpandei, was asked to replace Iluyomade at the City of David Parish.

The source told Vanguard that the two pastors were due for transfer, after serving for eight years in the two parishes respectively.

He said: “It is normal to have a change in leadership. Most RCCG pastors go on transfer. The church transfers pastors around and both Pastors Iluyomade and Kanpdei were due for transfers.

“Both of them have done more than eight years as regional pastors and were actually transferred. RCCG pastors can even been transferred abroad. It has nothing to do with any event or politics. They were both due for transfers.”