Euro 2024

June 12, 2024

Euro 2024 host stadium in Munich to display rainbow colours

Euro 2024 host stadium in Munich to display rainbow colours

The Euro 2024 host stadium in Munich will display rainbow colours to celebrate Christopher Street Day, the city’s pride weekend, UEFA confirmed to AFP on Wednesday.

The stadium, which will host the opening match of Euro 2024 between Germany and Scotland, will be lit up in rainbow colours on June 22 and 23.

There are no games planned in Munich for that weekend.

UEFA told AFP the arena would be illuminated in rainbow colours on request of the stadium management.

The stadium facade features more than 300,000 LED lights which can be in various colours to commemorate sporting, political or other events.

The external stadium lighting made headlines in 2021 when UEFA, the organisers of Euro 2024, rejected a request from the city of Munich to light it in similar colours during a match between Germany and Hungary, saying it was a “political statement”.

The request was made in response to a law passed in Hungary restricting LGBT+ content for minors, which critics say was too broad and could impinge on freedoms of expression.

Germany plays Group A rivals Hungary again on June 19.