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June 5, 2024

20th Anniversary: My secret for marital bliss – Apostle Johnson Suleman

By Yinka Latona

General Overseer and Senior pastor, Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide, Apostle Johnson Suleman, marks 20 years marriage anniversary with his wife, Dr Lizzy Johnson Suleman.

Apostle Suleman, while speaking on the occasion of the Anniversary, revealed the secret to his 20 years of  marital bliss so people, especially those intending to go into matrimony can learn and form their own marital templates as best suits them.

The philanthropist Apostle who, for many years now, has embarked on weekly free feeding of thousands of people in Nigeria and in many other countries, spoke of his marital journey as being glorious.

According to him, his marriage has been not only adventurous but also exciting. When asked how his marital journey has been, he said “Exciting, adventurous, glorious and spirit-led.”

According to him, God has been the foundation and guide of his marriage and thus, has been leeding him and his wife through the marital journey. He said any marriage rooted in God and being led by the holy spirit is bound to be blissful.

Read further his responses to the following questions:

Q: What has been the secrete of your marital success sir?

Ans: Marry your friend. Trust in God and stand by each other. Learn to always resolve issues immediately.

Q: Has there ever been a time when marriage seemed too tiring?

Ans: “None…Marriage is never a problem but the players or the couple. You must deliberately and intentionally keep the spark on and with the help of God, you will stay happy.

Q: In some marriages, father-in-law or mother-in-laws have some levels of dictating power in their son’s or daughter’s homes. When should the couple cut off such powers to their parents?

And: Its a product of foundation and incorporating. Most marital destinies are always predetermined at infancy.

Any home you are getting into where your prospective mother-in-law controls and holds sway, is a potential recipe for disaster! She will control her son-in-law like she did her husband; and control her daughter-in-law because she fears the daughter-in-law may do to her son what she did to her own husband.

But, If the foundation is okay, you then set boundaries. From the onset, it must be properly and respectfully defined.

Q: Some people say marriage brings more luck or open doors for the man. However, we have seen cases where men married and became even poorer than they were before marriage. What do you say about that?

Ans: “He that findeth a wife findeth a good thing.” But if you can’t manage a good thing, it can become a bad thing. How you handle your marriage is how it handles you. So, continually work and pray to God for the best.

*Q: There is this recent trend of men asking the women they want to marry what they are bringing to the table. Do you think this is ideal?

Ans: “People should leave table alone. Table has so suffered in relationship talks; What about chair and stool?  (Smiles and continues). Both parties have roles to play; No one gets into a relationship empty handed and expects to extract what was not planted. That’s a monumental delusion of maximal propensity.

Q: How best did you settle marital disagreements to have maintained this length of marital bliss with your wife?

Ans: We don’t allow misunderstandings escalate beyond an hour. We resolve immediately and we are always open to the rebuke and instructions of the holy Spirit on how to handle each other.

Q: What advise do you have for those intending to enter marital life too sir?

Ans: Marry your friend. Trust in God and stand by each other. Learn to always resolve issues immediately.