May 25, 2024

Zack Orji’s frustration, anger

Zack Orji: AGN president debunks death rumour

Zack Orji

By Benjamin Njoku

Legendary actor, Zack Orji has not been lucky with the press. The other time, it was rumoured that he was dead after he slumped in his toilet last December, and consequently underwent two successful brain surgeries at the National Hospital in Abuja.. It took the intervention of the leadership of the Actors Guild of Nigeria to put the records straight.

The actor also came out to debunk the rumour, describing it as “a lie from the pit of hell.” This time, it’s about his nationality.

Orji had stated in an interview that he was born in Gabon due to his father’s frequent travels for work. But bloggers, however, misinterpreted his statement, claiming that he denied his Nigerian descent saying “I’m from Gabon.” And in the blink of an eye, the rumour went agog on the internet forcing Zack Orji again to come out and dispute it.

In an Instagram post during the week to debunk the report of his Gabonese descent, Zack Orji cried out saying “I am a full-blooded Nigerian, I am proud of my Nigerian heritage.” The actor blasted the people pushing out different narratives about his nationality.

“Not long ago, they said I was dead, and by God’s grace and mercy, it eventually turned out to be a lie from the pit of hell. Now, another lie from the pit of hell has emerged, claiming that I said, ‘I’m from Gabon, I’m not a Nigerian’. I hereby issue a disclaimer dissociating myself from that lie. I am a full-blooded Nigerian, both of my parents are Nigerians. I am from Enugu State, the Coal City State. I am proudly Nigerian, and I am equally proud of my Nigerian heritage. God almighty will deal with whoever originated that lie as He deems fit.”