May 21, 2024

‘You told filmmakers not to hire me’, actress Motilola Akinlami calls out colleague, Kunle Afod

Nollywood actress Motilola Akinlami calls out Kunle Afod

Actress Motilola Akinlami has accused her senior colleague, Kunle Afod, of obstructing her career in Nollywood by claiming he blocks her from getting roles.

In an Instagram post on Monday, she claimed that Kunle has consistently undermined her career by preventing producers from reaching out to her for roles in the industry. She also accused the actor’s wife of defaming her.

Her words: “I am boiling inside of me right now. I have kept this thing for over five years. This is the fifth year running. I beg you in the name of God. All the powers that be in this industry already know about this matter. Mr. Kunle Afod please leave me alone. Please leave me and my career. What have I done to you? They will call me for jobs you will say they should remove me if they want to use you.

“Yomi Olorunlaye called me for a job this evening and they said Afod will direct. And I said okay. Only for him to call me back that Afod said he cannot work with me. Afod what have I done? I have told you I no longer want to work with you. For all these years you said they should not call me for jobs any longer.

“When I was working with you, I knew how your wife was running from pillar to post defaming me on Instagram. Go and hold your wife. Leave me alone. You said Femi Adebayo should not come to my set, and he is no longer coming. This is like the tenth time I will be rejected for jobs.

“So many people have been asking me why they have not been seeing me in movies. It is because of Afod. If they call me, he will say they should not call me. The reason is that I no longer want to be friends with him. This was how they did to Junior Pope. They will first blacklist you. He has been waiting to see my RIP for the past five years, but God was with me. You are not God. You have been obstructing me on so many big jobs I ought to have been on,” she said.