May 25, 2024

Weekend Thrills, By Prisca Sam-Duru

Weekend Thrills, By Prisca Sam-Duru

Did UK deport Nigerian Youtuber Emdee Tiamiyu?

It’s true that whatever you do in life, you cannot please the world but it’s also important that you avoid doing things that will make people hate you. Controversial UK-based Nigerian Youtuber, Emdee Tiamiyu, trended on social media very early in the week with reports of deportation.

There was wild jubilation across the land. And judging by how young Nigerians were hurt by his interview sometime ago, you can’t blame them for rejoicing on hearing news about the downfall of their enemies.

Recall that Emdee Tiamiyu revealed to the British authorities that Nigerians were using the UK students’ visa to run away from hardship in the country, leading to the UK authorities tightening immigration rules into their country. The worst is that he was bold enough to defend his interview. Do you know what that did to intending japa candidates? They turned haters!

Well, Emdee’s troubles were said to have started when he reportedly applied for asylum in the UK and was said to have been given £160,000. They said he instead came to Nigeria and built a house in Ogun State, exposing himself to allegations of fraud. Thereafter, he was reportedly arrested a few months ago.

When news about his purported deportation started making the rounds on the internet, Netizens celebrated, saying that their heads don catch the guy. It’s not really that they wanted evil to befall him, they were just happy that he is back home to suffer with them.

A Netizen wrote, “UK has deported Emdee Tiamiyu ke; what God cannot do doesn’t exist.”
Another wrote on X, “the UK has deported this werey, emdee Tiamiyu.”

Majority of those who reacted, simply flooded their posts with laughter emoji.

Many are now disappointed upon hearing that the news about that deportation could be mere rumour. It’s like someone was just looking for ‘likes’ to trend. But upon hearing that it was all rumour, the mood changed. @Frydey6 wrote, Nigerians love bad news especially when it happens to someone they hate.
@Andrew55614579 reacted, “since I have not seen any news from authentic handles, I don’t believe any narratives that fly around.”

‘Osama Bin Lager’ beer sells out

Sometimes it’s very difficult to understand human beings. Why would a beer named after the former leader of al-Qaeda who died in 2011, sell out after news about it went viral on social media? Is it that they derived joy seeing the man indirectly being ‘immortalised’ by the manufacturer?

Reports had it that staff at Mitchel Brewing Co had to unplug phones and close their website temporarily because of demand for Osama Bin Lager. Hahahaha. Na so people love beer rich? But where were they running to? No bi dem wan do beer business?

Describing the scenario in a BBC report, Mr Mitchell who runs the brewery and a pub, said, “Everyone laughs when they see the names on the bar. As far as I am aware, no one’s been offended, but I’m sure there is someone out there.”

The brewery, it was said, donates £10 from each barrel of ‘Osama Bin Lager’ to a charity that supports victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

As far as some netizens are concerned, it’s not a laughing matter. They think manufacturing such beer is a form of disrespect on all the victims of that deadly attack, and therefore should be banned. Some others however made jokes about it.

Nishant Singh wrote, “What’s next? Gaddafi shots or Saddam’s single malt?”

Adrian Ma wrote, “Let’s make a beer with Benjamin Netanyahu’s face, but it won’t be a light beer.”
“That beer is the bomb!,” Mike Miller added.

Proprietor robs students to fund japa

The desperation to relocate abroad is getting too intense. You heard the shocking news about how a man, I mean a man that looks nothing less than 60 years old, japaed after selling his house, school and allegedly ‘robbing’ his students.

This was said to have happened in Ibadan. Reports had it that the school owner, Sunday Adeyemo allegedly collected WAEC and NECO examination fees from students and then left Nigeria. Wow! That’s heartless. But a school owner is not a hungry man nah. Imagine that he didn’t mind how the students would be affected by his action. Who knows, some parents may have borrowed to ensure their children took the exams. Come to think of it, will this man be able to hustle to survive abroad at his age? What if something happens and he finds himself back home, what happens? Bet he didn’t think something like that may happen. What if it happens, how will he begin life afresh?

Netizens can’t stop wondering how far people are willing to deep their hands into iniquity just to travel out.

Reacting to the shocking news, Uchenna Ukpai wrote on X, “How can people be this heartless?”“At his age, wetin he dey go find for abroad,” Warren Science wrote.

Joseph Kyalo wrote on Facebook, “Government officers follow that guy to refund parents money with immediate effect.”

Why masquerade who flogged nurse into gutter deserves severe punishment


The news that operatives of the Enugu police command have arrested the masquerade which flogged a female nurse at Ugwuoye junction, Nsukka, is very sweet to the ears. I thought they said masquerades are not human.

The suspect behind the mask was said to be identified as Ugwuoke Ebube. In a viral video, the nurse was seen falling down from a motorcycle following the masquerade attack. The masked men rushed and descended on the young nurse, flogging hell out of her. In the process, she rolled into the gutter, wriggling in pain. It’s worse that when the nurse was falling into the gutter, her attackers rushed at her, still flogging.

This reminds me of those early days when we were so excited about attending masquerade festivals, one of which was known as Okorosha in Amaigbo, Nwangele LGA, Imo State. This festival still takes place but in those days, we were told masquerades were spirits but we later found out it was a lie. It happened that during one of the festivals, we were attacked by one of the fiercest and we scampered for safety. While on the run, the masquerade chasing us, called my name and that of my cousin who is now late. That’s when it dawned on us that the man behind the mask knew us very well. So they were no spirits after all.

Also, a few weeks ago at Ikorodu roundabout, as I walked past a masquerade moving with his entourage, it turned towards a young and beautiful girl and called out, ‘fine babe’ how far nah. The girl quickened her steps and the masquerade went after her, drawing people’s attention. People couldn’t help laughing and questioning the yeye masquerade about how he hoped the girl would respond without seeing his face. So he wasn’t a spirit after all.

Why these stories? I’m still wondering why the guys that were watching the masquerade display such a barbaric act, as well as those that helped the nurse out of the gutter, did not hold down the charlatans and beat the shit out of them.

Why attack the nurse you may ask. From the ‘Okorosha’ story I told above, you could conclude that the masquerades may know the victim otherwise, why target her only? Sometimes, some of them hide under the mask to take vengeance on people.

Now in the police net, Nigerians are demanding that the authorities ensure they are severely punished.
“Cultural barbarism; nurse on a medical service to be treated this way calls for national attention. Minister for Women Affairs, federal health minister and others should sanction against this very barbaric act.” Felix Joseph posted on his Facebook page.