May 28, 2024

Video: ‘It’s our culture,’ Ghanaians explain why lady interrupted couple’s dance

Video: ‘It’s our culture,’ Ghanaians explain why lady interrupted couple’s dance

A video clip capturing a wedding ceremony in Ghana has ignited a storm on social media platforms, with viewers expressing varied reactions to a surprising interruption during the couple’s dance.

In the video, which went viral on Monday, a woman is seen boldly stepping onto the dance floor, diverting the groom’s attention away from his bride.

Despite attempts from the groom to dance with his partner, the woman persists in monopolizing his attention.

The bride, appearing calm, danced and smiled alone, as the lady had “taken possession” of the groom.

However, amid the online debate and speculation, locals from the region have stepped forward to shed light on the situation, revealing that this interruption is not an act of disrespect but rather a longstanding tradition in their culture.

The groom, Salman, who goes by #Salmaanfaris1 on X, explained that this was not a scene of marital discord but a playful tradition known as “Da’chahili.”

“It’s our culture … she’s my wife from my family.. before I marry another woman, I need to pay her …,” he wrote.

An X User, who tweets as KDagbon, said, “It’s actually a tradition in a tribe in Ghana. The dancing woman is his relative. He has to pay her to be able to get to his bride. She made a lot of money. The whole thing was just cultural drama & they were enjoying themselves.”

Another tweep who tweets as ASM_Official1, echoed the same thoughts.

He wrote, “This is not attributable to Islam like many in the comments are suggesting.

It’s a “Dagbanli” cultural concept. Cousins play this game with each other. It’s called Da’chahili.

She’s enjoying herself. Sometimes they have to beg to release the bride or the groom. She’s even lucky she was just dancing with him.

They hid my brother’s bride one time. we had to pay money to see her.”

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