May 30, 2024

New export policy underway as NPA orders new requirements for exporters

NPA puts 5 terminal operators on watchlist 

By Godwin Oritse

AHEAD of the introduction of new export policy, the Nigerian Ports Authority, NPA, has said that exporters are now required to fill Nigeria Export Proceeds, NXP, form before export trucks can be allowed into the ports to drop such cargoes.

NXP form is a document that gives authorized dealers in export value chain, information on the goods for export. The authorized dealers in this case include the exporter’s bank, Nigeria Customs Services, Pre-shipment Inspection Agents, etc.

In a notice to all stakeholders titled ‘Introduction of Nigeria Export Proceeds as a prerequisite for booking export trucks on ‘Eto’ platform’, the management of the NPA through the Truck Transit Parks Limited, promoters of the ETO platform, said that transition procedures for the new policy have been completed and ready to be implemented.

The agency also said that with the introduction of the NXP, potential exporters would be mandated NXP application numbers for their consignment before their booking on the platform can be activated.

According to the Notice, the new arrangement is expected to improve the processing of export boxes at the Export Processing Terminals.

Part of the notice reads: “Following NPA and government directives, and a series of stakeholders’ engagements on the introduction of Nigeria Export Proceeds, NXP, to facilitate export processing via the Eto electronic Call up system, we are pleased to announce the completion of the configuration transition procedures and the readiness to commence implementation accordingly.

“With the new arrangement of NXP, all potential exporters would be mandated to provide their respective NXP application number for their consignment before the booking is activated. This improved procedure mandated by the NPA and the government is to ensure that the booking of export boxes to the port must be preceded by a NXP application for such consignment.

“Furthermore, the new initiative is expected to streamline and improve the processing of export boxes at the Export Processing Terminals, EPTs, by ensuring that only export boxes whose NXP are at the final stage of approval can be released from the EPTs to the ports while trucks that are not at the final stage of the NXP process will not be released to the port until they have fulfilled this requirement as mandated by the Authority.

“Before an export booking is made to the ETPs, the exporter must provide a valid NXP number and it is validated on the NPA, CBN,NXP portal before export booking can be made or validated. “Before an export is allowed to leave any EPTs, the container number is automatically checked on the NAP-CBN-NXP Portal. The NXP status of the export container must be on the final status.”