May 23, 2024

Family of detained accountant asks IG to probe fraud allegations

Family of detained accountant asks IG to probe fraud allegations

The family of detained chartered accountant, Ms. Omafume Ayinuola, has asked the Inspector General of Police IGP, Kayode Egbetokun to probe accusation of fraud preferred against their daughter by a prominent stockbroker and businessman, Peter Ololo.

The family in a petition by Erhievuyere-Dominic Peter, a brother to the detained accountant, lamented that members of the family were currently living in fear for the safety of detained sister, stressing that members of the family have been subjected to harassment and intimidation.

The petitioner complained that “The actions taken against his family had caused immense emotional, financial distress and hardship, with my sister’s children having no access to their mother, assets frozen, reputation tarnished, and family’s future uncertain.”

The family urged the IG to conduct a thorough and impartial investigation into accusations against his mother, Lydia Erhievuyere and sister to ensure that justice prevail and those found to have abused the power of their office held accountable for their actions.

According to the petitioner, “Over a year ago, my mother, Lydia Erhievuyere and sister, Omafume Ayinuola were falsely accused of fraud by a stockbroker, Mr. Peter Ololo of stealing over N1.5billion.”
The petitioner stated that Omafume worked in various companies before she joined RSL international, a part of the Pine Petosan group of companies in 2015.