May 6, 2024

Anti-graft war: We’re open to partnership, NANS tells EFCC


The Senate arm of the apex student governing body, National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS, led by Senator Ekundina Segin Elvis has told the EFCC chairman that the body was ready to partner in the fight against cybercrime.

Elvis in a statement in Abuja Monday, said the NANS is ready and willing to partner with the Commission in tackling these social vices in the country.

He said, “As a responsible yet formidable organization we are ready and willing to partner with the commission to fight internet fraud and reduce it to the barest minimum.

“It is imperative for us to note that the National Association of Nigerian Students is totally against internet fraud and says NO to cyber crimes among our students. Internet fraud is a menace to society and as such we have a zero-tolerance policy for any act that damages our society both locally and internationally.

“NANS under our watch as one of the TETFUND project monitoring stakeholders is indeed ready to partner with the commission to fight internet fraud even from its grassroots level. NANS will be willing to serve as whistleblowers for the EFCC to ensure that fairness, equity, and social justice is achieved by the commission”.

The Senate President of NANS also reaffirmed that NANS represents a body of legality and its members mustn’t be found wanting of internet fraud.

He admonished all Nigerian students home and in diaspora to stay as far away as possible from internet fraud and other illegal acts and actions.

Concluding, Elvis said: “Finally NANS is calling on the government to create an enabling environment for Nigerian Students and youths by ensuring that 4 years course is 4 years, with creating massive job employments for unemployed graduates. These are some of the tools through which the menace of cybercrime can be gradually eradicated, for an idle hand is said to be the devil’s workshop”.