April 20, 2024

Why I empower the less privileged in the society, says AF Boss

Why I empower the less privileged in the society, says AF Boss

By Moses Nosike

In a bid to reposition unemployed youths, and help widows and orphans, the Adadioranmma Foundation for some years now has been empowering unemployed Nigerian youths, widows, and orphans.

The founder who funds the Foundation alone, Chief (Mrs) Nkoli Imoh holds two honorary doctorate degrees from the Pilgrims University, Burlington, North Carolina, USA, and Abia State University, Uturu, Nigeria is fondly called Ada, a shortened form of Adadioramma.

Following her passion for putting smiles on the faces of the less privileged ones in our society, people cherish her because she finds joy in giving.

Imoh’s selfless giving did not just start today, but dates back to her teenage years, and has graduated into a global philanthropism.

Through this selfless giving to the less privileged, needy, and poor her foundation has given out over 50 cars and buses of various classes, 500 motorcycles, 1000 sewing machines, 1000 vulcanizing machines, 1000 cellophane machines, 500 sets of hairdressing equipment, 1000 generators, etc. she said.

Adadioramma who opened barbing salons for over 400 youths across the 326 wards in Anambra State, also built houses for widows; and provided funds for people to establish small-scale businesses.

Dr. (Mrs) Okoli is not only a successful businesswoman and philanthropist, she has also made an impacting incursion into politics. This incursion brought her much closer to the people, thereby giving her the opportunity to understand their needs and challenges. The result is the phenomenal increase in her philanthropic strides and expansion of her philanthropic boundaries. Adadioramma Foundation enjoys international affiliations; one of which is the Anambra State Association (ASA) USA.

Born into a noble Christian family of Chief (Sir) and Lady Simeon Arazu of Umuakabuike-Umudike Ukpor in Nnewi-South Local Govt Area of Anambra State, Chief Dr (Mrs) Nkoli Imoh had a sound moral Christian upbringing.

She had her primary school education at Premier Primary School, Onitsha, and secondary education at Anglican Girls’ Secondary School, Onitsha. She later got admission at the University of Lagos where she read Business Administration. Her degree in Business Administration provided her the springboard for her business ventures.

She began her business life as a trader, dealing mostly, in vehicle tires in Lagos State. From there, her flagship organization – Windward International Limited evolved; catapulting her into a business icon. Her business philosophy is anchored on ideals of quality, efficiency, transparency, and perfect finishing.

This business philosophy coupled with her unconditional use of a formidable team of intellectuals as consultants holds the key to her business successes.

Her uncountable philanthropic activities and gestures have projected her as a pillar of different communities and organizations who have variously embellished her with different titles, which include: Adadioramma Gburugburu, Ukpor; Adadioramma, Ebenator; Igolo, Mbaise; Ugo Si Mba, Adaziani; Nne Ife, CWO, Nnewi Diocese; Ada Ejiejemba, Abatete; Nne Oranile, Aguata among others.

In the same vein, the echoes of Adadioramma’s philanthropic deeds have crossed national boundaries and earned her the International Peace Award, 2003 by the American Biographical Institute; Entrepreneurial Excellence Award by the Rotary Club International; Paul Harris Fellowship Award by the Rotary Club International; on 20th December, 2015, Panters Sports Club, Nnewi awarded her the “Social Monilizer of the Year 2015”.