April 20, 2024

Why AI can be used in music production –– Mountain Top Uni

Why AI can be used in music production –– Mountain Top Uni

By Esther Onyegbula & Mary Imokhe

Mountain Top University, MTU, Ogun State, has urged music producers to use Artificial Intelligence, AI, in music production, saying it is a unique creative tool that signifies innovation.

The university’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Elijah Ayolabi, said because there are numerous things humans cannot do, technological tools, like AI, can be used in filling those gaps.

Ayolabi, who spoke at the Organ House Concert and Seminar Series held at the MFM International Headquarters in Lagos, also stressed that music can be used in accomplishing spiritual development and liberation.

He said: “Artificial intelligence is more or less like a digital technology. There are a number of things that ordinarily human beings used to carry them out but technology can easily replace those things. So when it comes to the application of artificial intelligence you will see that quite several things we can deploy technology to do to enhance music, to make it more potent and then to bring innovation and creativity into it.”

On the importance of the event, Ayolabi said: “The event is to enlighten the society to alert them to have an understanding of the import of the music composed by Dr DKO Olukoya, to have a better understanding and to know how to use it to accomplish spiritual development and liberation.”

According to him, the spiritual import of music, “can be used to solve challenges bedevilling the country. Music brings deliverance and then it relaxes spirit, body and soul. It brings relief and comfort. If you listen to the lyrics and the content it brings consolation, Joy and hope and therefore keeps people alive.”

On his part, Head of Department of Music, MTU, Dr Bayo Oyemi, said: “We strongly believe that the university should not exist in isolation of the community. Because university is research based, if you are researching about people you should continuously interact with them, know their demand, know their feelings, know what they want. That is exactly what we have done. We have left our zone which is the campus, the citadel of learning to the community, interact with them, tell them what we have, let us pick what they have, then we will go back and further our research.

“We are picking on the works of our chancellor. He is a very knowledgeable scientist but has delved into music and is doing very well because his works are being studied up to PhD level. Music and sports are the two social engineering tools that could easily change things. You don’t need to be a professor’s child if you play football. I started my career in church so music can easily transform, you don’t need to know anybody and that is why in Mountain top University we dwell on it.

“And you see apart from the social thing music, learning of music, learning of musical instruments has been proven to enhance your cognition, coordination because that is what we do. So it is very rare to see somebody who is determined, who is in the art of music that will veer into all these things, forget about the social, the rascality you see happen. We have a very disciplined mind and that is what music teaches, a disciplined mind, understanding and communication.

“So if we voice in art, in music generally you see gradually things will begin to take shape. A lot of people in this church had no name but through music they have a name. Look at that choir, they’ve travelled far, they were children of nobody but they lived on music, they live on music some of my students. When you hear their stories you would be impressed but today they live on music.”