April 27, 2024

Shut up if you’ve nothing positive to offer – Gov Alia tells past Benue Govs


Gov. Alia

By Peter Duru, Makurdi

Governor Hyacinth Alia of Benue State has advised former Governors of the state who have nothing positive to contribute to the state to shut up and allow him deliver on the promises he made to the people.

He said those who governed the state in the past have had their time and should allow peace in the state to enable him work for the people.

The Governor who spoke while addressing members of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Riders, Benue Riders Coalition for Alia and other groups who came to welcome him back to the state after his working visit to the United States of America said his government would not relents in its commitment to the wellbeing of the people.

He also cautioned those he said were in the habit of addressing Benue youths as thugs saying it was totally unacceptable and demanded a public apology from those making the derogatory comment.

The Governor advised people of the state to prioritise their security saying his administration would soon establish a call centre with dedicated phone numbers where calls of security threats or breaches could be made to for necessary action.

He said security was the responsibility of everyone and people must act as such by providing necessary information where there are security threats or breaches.

He also cautioned the people against selling out to the enemies or encouraging the perpetration of crimes in the various communities saying “don’t let anyone get you cowed into aiding perpetrators of any act that will destabilize the state.

“That would be totally unacceptable and if we get to know such a person within any community, the person is going to face the music.

“Our people can not settle for less. They knew who they were voting into power. They knew I am a man of peace and I will do my best to ensure that peace prevails in the state because I know what peace can do for all of us.

“This is why I cannot accept a situation where anyone, irrespective of who he or she is, would create unnecessary trouble in the state.

“Even if you are a former governor of Benue State, if you don’t have anything positive to contribute to Benue, shut up, because you did your part during your terms and it is over so you must give peace a chance and allow this administration to fully establish and carry out what we promised the people.

“If you are in the state, know exactly what you are saying. Criticisms both on me and my administration are very much welcome but check and verify your facts before putting them out to the public bearing in mind that words have consequences.

“My administration is poised to bring the desired development to the state which it has demonstrated from day one and there is no stopping on that at all.”