April 19, 2024

Naira Abuse: Bobrisky’s conviction selective justice – Salami

Why court sentenced Bobrisky to six months in prison

By Luminous Jannamike

Abuja-based public interest lawyer Barrister Temi Salami has criticized the Nigerian judiciary for what he perceives as a focus on minor offences over more significant cases of corruption.

During a media chat in the nation’s capital yesterday, Barrister Salami articulated his concerns regarding the recent conviction of popular social media personality Bobrisky for abusing the national currency.

He stated, “The conviction of Bobrisky is an indication that the Nigerian Judiciary is still committed to majoring in the minor.

“Often time, the Judiciary will look away when it comes to offences committed by the ruling political class but are quick to use citizens that commit simple offences as a scapegoat.”

Salami’s remarks came in the wake of Bobrisky‘s sentencing for spraying money at a party, an act which is seen by many as trivial when compared to the broader issues of corruption plaguing the country.

The lawyer pointed out that while the judiciary’s action against Bobrisky is within the law, it raises questions about the balance and fairness of justice in Nigeria.

“Even anti-graft agencies are more committed to chasing and convicting ‘yahoo-yahoo’ and other victims of side effects of prolonged corruption and mismanagement of national resources,” Salami added, highlighting a perceived imbalance in the enforcement of laws.

The legal practitioner condemned the abuse of the Naira but urged the judiciary and the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) to prioritize their efforts.

“The real culprits are those involved in the laundering of our national resources.

“The Judiciary and EFCC should show more commitment in the fight against corruption that has become a bane to our national development,” he asserted.

Furthermore, Salami criticized what he sees as selective and discriminatory justice that contradicts the principle of equality before the law, making the application of rule of law difficult in the country.

“In Nigeria of today, the rich and powerful evade the rule of law, giving rise to selective justice,” he lamented.

The lawyer further called for a non-discriminatory approach to law enforcement, especially concerning the abuse of the Naira.

“If the Anti-graft agencies are willing and ready to prosecute abusers of Naira, which I believe is a noble pursuit, they should prosecute all the violators one after the other regardless of their status in society,” he stated.

Salami concluded by emphasizing the need for equality under the law.

“If we must ensure a just and fair society, we must treat all citizens equally. We can’t run a criminal justice system on witch-hunting and selective justice,” he remarked, calling for a system that treats every citizen with fairness and impartiality.