April 19, 2024

Jetour X70 Plus raises the bar in Compact SUV segment

Jetour X70 creates upset in mid-size SUV segment

By Theodore Opara

THE Jetour X70 Plus Sport Utility Vehicle is unarguably one of the best looking and performing compact SUV in the Nigeria market, at the moment. It comes with affordable luxury that is not very common in its class and fuel efficiency. The X70 Plus, which is also known as the Jetour Elegance, is among the newly introduced Jetour SUV models by Jetour Mobility Services that is giving representatives of other brands in Nigeria sleepless nights. 

Flaunting a stylish design with outstanding power and luxury features, the X70 is no doubt the new kid on the block in the Nigeria market.

Jetour, from the onset, was created to deliver luxury vehicles by the Chery Group and the X70 Plus delivers without draining your pocket. It is smart looking, fast, luxurious, safe and competitively priced. 

The Jetour X70 Plus is powered by a 1.5 litre four cylinder turbo charged engine, which generates a maximum power of 156 brakehorsepower and a maximum torque of 230Nm. The powerplant is marched with a 6-speed wet Dual clutch automatic transmission. It comes with a 20-inch aluminum wheel hub featuring light weight, higher firmness, faster heat dissipation and better aesthetics, which enhances better fuel consumption, stability and safety.

Still on the exterior features, the vertically aligned transparent LED light, as well as the shark fin antenna, improves safety and reduces wind resistance, respectively.

According to Jetour, “its impressive grill, large wheels and four LED daytime running lights perfectly complement its bold and muscular look. It also features a wide, captivating, 62-inch ultra-wide angle panoramic roof that enhances your drive with natural lighting and ventilation.”

The Jetour X70 comes with a number of other features such as a touch screen panel that controls the air conditioning system, infotainment system compatible with latest generation smart phones, digital cockpit, front and rear parking radars, and a 10.25inch full LCD Dual smart screen.

Its rear seat can be folded for increased cargo space, and the automatic luggage door makes access to the luggage compartment easier.

The vehicle also comes with intelligent air purification system, intuitive infotainment system, advanced wireless technology, 360-degree parking system and electrical 6-directional control driver’s seat.

Other features include cruise control, lane departure warning system, blind spot monitoring, keyless engine start, keyless entry start, multi-functional steering wheel, anti-lock brake system, front and back air bags and tyre pressure monitoring system. Jetour X70 Plus advanced safety and stability features also include Hill Start Assist, Traction Control, and electronic stability.

Paired with a 7-speed dual clutch automatic transmission, the vehicle’s 1.6 litre turbo engine produces a maximum of 197 horsepower, facilitating better fuel consumption efficiency.

The suspension system has been engineered to withstand both On-Road and Off-Road terrain, be it city drive or highway drive.

The Jetour X70 Plus, known for its charming and radiant appearance and friendly ambience, comes in a variety of colours such as red, gray, blue among others. 

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