April 23, 2024

Eazipay to Provide Financial Aid to 150,000 SMEs and Employees with Rent Covers, Extra Salaries, & More

Eazipay to Provide Financial Aid

As businesses struggle to stay afloat and employees face job insecurities in these challenging times, Eazipay recognises the urgent need for support and assistance. Through its comprehensive relief program, Eazipay seeks to alleviate the burden on SMEs and employees, providing vital resources to help them weather the storm and emerge stronger on the other side.

At a roundtable discussion with the founders, Asher, Emmanuel, and Kingsley, they noted that the initiative is targeted at providing meaningful support and assistance to businesses and employees in distress, helping them navigate through the current economic downturn while also preparing them to rebuild for a more successful and confident future.

Eazipay to Provide Financial Aid

The support program, which is set to run from April to December 2024, will encompass a range of support measures, including grants, funding assistance, and other forms of financial relief. SMEs will have access to funding to sustain their operations, while employees facing financial hardships will receive support to meet their essential needs.

The Eazipay team also emphasized how standing alongside SMEs and employees as a trusted partner ensures that SMEs can continue to operate and employees can maintain their livelihoods thereby fulfilling one of the organization’s core missions.

Launched in 2022, Eazipay’s core focus is “the growth of African businesses and employees”, and they are helping businesses grow by providing easy-to-use technology innovations to streamline and simplify business processes and operations.

Would you like to benefit from the Eazipay Relief package? Go to to get started today and learn more. You may also contact Eazipay on 07000332947for additional information.