February 27, 2024

Why students should learn/speak French language — Expert

Why students should learn/speak French language — Expert

 The Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Nymph Language Academy (NLA), Surulere, Ngozi Eyo, has called for intensive teaching of french language in primary and secondary schools, to boost students’ learning and overall intelligence.

Eyo, in an interview with Newsmen on Tuesday, in Lagos, said that the school curriculum should be dynamic, making the subject more result-oriented and relevant for students.

The CEO of NLA, a Lagos-based school, specialised in teaching and learning of french language, declared that the language would give the Nigerian students a global edge.

According to her, French is both a working language and an official language of the United Nations, European Union, UNESCO, NATO, International Olympic Committee, the International Red Cross and international courts.

“ Proficiency in French language is essential for anyone considering a career in a foreign country, it is one of UN languages,

“French opens up new learning opportunities, the knowledge of the language will put children at an advantage especially with communication.

“ French language is captured amongst subjects in school’s curriculum and I must confess that our education sector is doing well, however, the tempo of the subject teaching should be intensified.

“ Students, even from primary schools, should be exposed and made to have a good background of learning and speaking of French language, being a vital language of international communication.

“ Bilingualism, that is, the ability to learn and speak another language, helps students mental skill, memory and enables them to express their thoughts and communicate with others in other countries.

“ It is therefore important for school authorities, administrators, to be organising or exposing their students to inter-schools competitions to promote French language among students,” he said.

Eyo, Convener of the annual ‘Concours D’orthographe’, a french spelling Bee Competition, said the just-concluded edition recorded increased number of participants from private and public primary and secondary schools in Lagos.

She added that the students from different schools were very happy to see, communicate and compete among themselves in French adding, ‘that is what we are trying to encourage and promote’.

According to her, it was a great gathering, and the enthusiasm at which the students were answering questions in French was amazing.

The NLA CEO appealed to government at various levels, Non-Governmental Organisation, well-meaning Nigerians to identify with the Academy through sponsorship.

She said it had plans to extend the competition to other states.