February 28, 2024

Veteran actor Kola Oyewo speaks on his battle with prostate cancer

Veteran actor Kola Oyewo speaks on his battle with prostate cancer

Veteran actor and renowned lecturer Kola Oyewo has opened up about his difficult journey fighting prostate cancer in a candid revelation that has touched many people’s hearts.

Oyewo disclosed the information during a visit from fellow actor Kunle Afod to his Osun State home.

Oyewo recounted the onset of his health ordeal back in 2019 when he began experiencing difficulty passing urine, a distressing symptom that propelled him to seek medical attention.

Following a series of comprehensive tests, the unsettling diagnosis of an enlarged prostate was delivered, and his long battle with the ailment began.

For more than two years, Oyewo was at the mercy of his medical doctors, who battled hard to save his life.

He recalled that at least six of his friends had died of similar ailments.

The seasoned actor, known for his remarkable performances on stage and screen, bravely shared the emotional toll of receiving such sobering news, particularly as his wife was simultaneously grappling with her own health challenges, battling a stroke since 2017.

According to him, “as of the time I received the news of my health condition, my wife was down with a stroke.

She had been on it since 2017, but I had no choice but to tell her about my situation. We both wept that day as I bade her bye to begin our journey.”

Undeterred by the daunting road ahead, Oyewo underwent a series of surgeries aimed at managing his condition.

The first procedure was aimed at facilitating urine passage artificially, a crucial step in his treatment journey.

Despite being informed of an additional surgery that would render him unable to engage in sexual activity, Oyewo remained resolute, prioritizing his health above all else.

In his own words, he expressed, “I didn’t care about having sex anymore; all I cared about was getting better. I have children, and I am already an old man. Why should I be bothered about sex at this age? I just want to get better and be fine.”

Oyewo said he underwent the surgeries and has been recuperating as he has accepted his fate to pass out urine artificially.

The road to recovery hasn’t been smooth at all, with plenty of uncertainty and suffering.

Yet, amidst the trials, Oyewo maintained an unwavering sense of gratitude for the gift of life.

Reflecting on the challenges he has overcome, he says, “I told those close to me not to mention my situation to the public or ask people to donate funds for me because I can take care of myself and my children are also capable of taking care of me.”

As he continues to navigate the complexities of his health journey, Oyewo said he has been going to locations again and will do so until God’s time comes calling.