February 21, 2024

Senate to complete 1999 constitution amendment in 2 years

Senate to complete 1999 constitution amendment in 2 years

The Senate Committee on the review of the 1999 Constitution has promised to complete the process in 24 months.

The Chairman of the Committee, Sen.Barau Jibrin, said this at the inaugural meeting of the committee on Wednesday in Abuja.

“It is important to note that the Committee is not constituted to rewrite the 1999 Constitution but to process proposed amendments to it, and we will strive to conclude this assignment within the next 24 months,” he said.

Jibrin, also the Deputy Senate President, pledged that the committee would be diligent in the amendment of the constitution, saying that members of the committee would be guided in the amendment process by a work plan.

“The secretariat will submit a work plan and a process map with time-lines to the Steering Committee which will be presented for consideration and approval by members in the next meeting,” he said.

He said that the committee would collaborate with members of the House of Representatives and critical stakeholders in the amendment processes.

“I wish to quickly remind you that we will work in synergy with our counterparts in the House of Representatives, and we will be very strategic in the conduct of our affairs.

“We will be guided by the laws and rules of legislative business, including precedence where it does not conflict with any known rule, while also being innovative where we can.

“The Committee will strongly consult and engage critical stakeholders in a way that will ensure that bills passed by the National Assembly will be approved by the State Houses of Assembly and assented to by Mr President,” he said.

Jibrin urged members of the committee to be committed to the constitutional review.

“I enjoin us to be committed to the activities of the Committee because the task ahead is huge as some of the issues already canvassed by some critical stakeholders are quite delicate.

“Accept my congratulations on your nomination to this Committee.

“Your nomination is a product of your rank as legislators generally and as ranking Senators in your various States and Geo-political zones including special interest groups.

“I hope that your wealth of experience and knowledge of our nation will be brought to bear in the work of the Committee.”

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